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Group Classes


Cycle of Seasons-Wind Dancers



Spring 2020: Tuesdays (15 week course)

Ages: 3-5

Tuesdays: 5:45-6:30 pm

Skill level: Beginner, no previous music instruction needed

Tuition: $225.00 (can be split into monthly payments)

Materials cost: $50

Registration fee: $15/course (fee waived if tuition is prepaid in full)

Introduction to music and musical instruments, using voice and other instruments to sing melodies, explore harmonies, improvise, ect. Rhythms will be experienced by drumming and dancing. Parents are taught as well at the end of the class, so they can practice with their child during the week. This class sets a musical foundation upon which future classes are built or for private lessons in any instrument to follow. **This class is a prerequisite for the Music Makers at Home and Group Keyboard Classes**

Adult Group Classes



Spring/Summer 2020

Ages: 21 and up

Times and dates TBD

Fee: $125

Registration fee: $15/course 


This group class is for adult guitar, violin/fiddle, mandolin, and banjo players who know the basics, or just enough to be dangerous! We'll provide the music, the space, and the ring leaders! More information coming soon!

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