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Summer Camp Selections

Here are examples of past summer camps we have offered.


Ukulele for Beginners 

Ages 8-12

This camp is designed to teach students the basics of the ukulele and will give them the ability to perform beautiful music for their friends and family in a new and unique way! Students will learn about the anatomy of the ukulele, how to tune, play chords, and strum different patterns. Students will also learn about the history and culture behind the instrument and listen to various music that involves the ukulele. Students will work with partners/small groups and choose a song to perform at the end of the week.

Guitar for Beginners

Ages: 9-14

Guitar camp will provide students with a chance to learn guitar and/or improve their playing ability. No prior playing experience is needed. Students will learn simple songs and the basics of playing the guitar. Students enjoy a wide variety of songs and learn new skills!

Piano 101 for Beginners

Adults (and teens 15+)


In this 8-week class, beginner students will learn to read basic rhythms, melodies, and chords in order to play for personal enjoyment or for family and friends. Students will also learn some basic theory, applying it to music by doing some simple harmonization, transposition, and improvisation. This class is open to students with no prior music experience as well as those who would like a beginner refresher course.

Camping at the Seashore

Ages: 5-6

Your child will participate each day in singing, playing and making instruments, learning harmonies, and creating ensembles. Our imaginations will take us to the seashore through stories and creative play!

Campfire Basics

Adults (and teens age 15+)

Looking to learn just enough to play around the campfire? Our campfire basics class will teach you the fundamentals of chord playing. Join us for this fun class and get ready for some outdoor musical entertainment!